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Live Hail Maps

Storm Plotting is an innovator in interactive hail maps. Automatically updated, accurate, and customizable Storm Plotting hail maps make finding hail damage leads quick and easy. Let our interactive hail maps find hail damage anywhere in the nation and create a list of quality hail damage leads for you! Whether you are a general contractor or insurance adjuster these interactive hail maps are ideal for anyone interested in tracking storms and finding hail damage leads. Simply select from a list of storm maps and select your area and in seconds you have a working list of potential customers. Streamline your sales force and stay ahead of your competition with real-time hail maps and instantly generated hail damage leads.

Live Hail Map

Our advanced software does not limit your access or searches and can be accessed from any web browser. Users enjoy unlimited use of historical storm data with nationwide coverage plus 24/7 real time hail storm maps allowing you to instantly generate hail damage leads anytime, anywhere.

Hail Damage Leads

The advanced technology of our live hail maps is great but what truly makes Storm Plotting unique is our lead generation software. Designed to generate and organize your hail damage leads, PixleRAD will streamline your salesforce. Use our interactive hail maps to instantly generate a list of addresses that were directly affected by the storm. You can then print or download an unlimited number of leads. All lead data is saved for future use allowing you to expand your territory or remove unproductive leads. Increase your profitability by finding more hail damage leads in less time.

Hail Damage Leads
Live Hail Maps

Our live interactive hail maps make storm tracking easy. Select from historical hail storm data or track live hail storms and generate quality hail damage leads. Nationwide coverage, unlimited maps, and unlimited leads included with subscription.

Hail Damage Reports are Verified

We verify our storm data using NOAA Eyewitness hail reports from trained weather spotters. Live Doppler radar and current road maps combined with eyewitness hail damage reports insures that you can always trust the precision and accuracy our hail maps.

Generate and Organize Hail Damage Leads

Use our live hail maps to find hail damage leads. Generate a list of addresses affected by the storm to give you instant quality hail damage leads. Lead data is always saved for future use allowing you to expand your territory or remove unproductive leads.

Premium Support

We offer complete support on our software from online documentation to e-mail and live help chat. Our United States based help desk is dedicated to answering your questions and resolving issues in a timely manner with satisfaction guaranteed.

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