Texas – Hail Map 5/17/2018

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Borger, Texas is hit with 2 inch hail.

Texas experiences sever storms that produced large hail up to 2″ inches in diameter. Hitting the town of Borger, TX residents was directly affected by this hail storm. Residents should start calling their insurance company’s to report the damages immediately.

Texas - Hail Map 5/17/2018

Borger, Texas is hit with 2″ hail.

608 streets affected with 2 inch hail in Borger,TX

Texas - Hail Map 5/17/2018

May 17, 2018 Borger,TX hail storm, affectes 608 streets with 2 inch hail.

Print or download a list of hail damaged street addresses.

Texas - Hail Map 5/17/2018 Address

Borger, Texas hail storm affected 608 streets with 2″ hail damage.

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