Top 10 Hail Storm States

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Top 10 States by Number Of Properties Experiencing Damaging Hail Events

Rank – State – Estimated Number of Properties Affected

  1. Texas 1,349,374
  2. Illinois 872,087
  3. Missouri 832,525
  4. Minnesota 737,375
  5. Oklahoma 644,803
  6. Kansas 513,941
  7. Indiana 456,215
  8. Virginia 400,529
  9. North Carolina 400,248
  10. Colorado 374,435

As Hail Storms are the constant threat to lives and property such as Homes, Cars, and Businesses in your vicinity, it is crucial to keep track with a reliable Hail Map.

Hail Maps
Hail Map – Storm Overlay

There are a lot of companies and websites which provide overpriced Interactive Hail Maps. Storm is not one of those companies. Storm Plotting is the leading provider of real-time Hail Maps. At a fraction of the price others are charging. Start with a FREE TRIAL

Live Hail Maps

With our Live Interactive hail map service, we provide real-time access to hail damage reports so that you can easily track storm that make you money. We have real-time and historical hail storm maps to help you find quality hail damage leads Nationwide.

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First Day of Spring – 2019

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NationWide Hail Maps

Hail Storm Season Begins

The busy storm season of 2019 has arrived. There is no time like the present to start making more money than you did last year. It is a proven fact contractors that engage in insurance restoration work “Storm Damage Repairs” make an average of 33% profit from each job. If you are ready to start following the money Storm is here to help.

Nation Wide Hail Maps

Storm offers unlimited nationwide hail maps for a low monthly price of $19.99. Never let your competition beat you to the job again, to keep your business growing you need a strategic advantage. Storm live hail maps.

Never miss another hail storm!

Insurance Repair Jobs

I know that insurance jobs can be intimidating at first, Anyone can be trained to read insurance paper work (Scope of Work) as they call it. Coming in future blog post I will go more in detail on how to read and understand insurance (Scope of Work) along with some tricks of the trade . This will help you land more high paying contracts. With customers that are in need of your services.

Unlimited Hail Maps

Our unlimited hail maps allows you to search our large database of Hail Storms to locate the storm thats right for you. Search nationwide or drill down to your local aria.

Stay tuned to this blog for more Hail Storm Tracking at its best!

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Interactive Live – Hail Storm Maps

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March starts the storm season off with a Bang!

Hail – miss understood and mistaken as a cold weather event – is a form of precipitation that falls from the sky as pellets of ice. Though, these Pallets can range from as small as pea-size to as large as grapefruits. And the formation of these storms in your vicinity can result in property damaging thunderstorms.

Talking about Short-lived Hailstorms, it usually forms over an area – stays for few minutes and can leave the ground covered with hailstones.

But during Long-lived Storms – due to their hard exteriors and relatively fast fall speeds – Hails formed can create extensive damage to property and life.

Stay safe this storm season and stay on top of severe weather outbreaks with

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